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Manufacturing Partner
We offer our customers, a complete product manufacturing services, from the initial phase of product concept all the way to full-scale commercial production:

1.Prototype phase:
During this phase, we design and build temporary tools (molds and assembling apparatuses) in accordance to product and parts drawings provided by the customer and to the assembling technology.
The tools are manufactured by TAV - Medical. By using these tools we manufacture prototype products. The customer performs tests to the product "output" in accordance to the product "design input" and makes his decision concerning parts modifications while considering related manufacturing technical aspects. During this process of decision making we are involved as consultants. When needed, our quality system can manage and control all R&D documentation in accordance to EN46001 standard.
Remark: when required, we provide product design services

2.Tooling Phase:
Together with the customer we define the technical aspects and requirements of all manufacturing tools. Usually, we take the responsibility for ordering, purchasing and performing process validations of the tools. The process validations are done in accordance to parts and products technical files provided by the customer.

3.Manufacturing Phase:
At the beginning of this phase our quality and logistic departments produce the product's files ( all documents related to the manufacturing process) in accordance to product and parts technical files. The customer is requested to approve the manufacturing process control procedures. Lot size, inventory level and other commercial issues are decided together with the customer.